I Get Towels. You Get a Grainy Video.

Explanation for this post: I needed towels. So when J.C. Penney said they would give me free reign of their home department if I wrote a post, I learned exactly what my writing is worth. That’s right: One large, fluffy bath towel.

Not that I undersell myself: If you’re stepping out of the shower into a cold apartment and dripping all over the floor and see an empty towel rack openly mocking your shivering self, you’d give just about anything for a towel. Anyone who’s ever tried to dry off after a shower with toilet paper knows this. Not that I’m one of those people or anything.

So! BlogHer and J.C. Penney gave me $500 to get all the Linden Street stuff my little cart could hold. And you get this blog post. HA HA! I WIN. But you do want the video tour of my tiny little hallway of an apartment, right? RIGHT? That’s what I thought.

A few items of note:

1. That bowl will contain even my compulsive apple buying. I’m like a squirrel faced with its first freeze. MUST HOARD ROUND TASTY THINGS.

2. I was going to bake a cake to put on the cake stand, but I was too busy shaking my camera and trying to make it work in a less blurry fashion. My time would have been better spent whipping up something in a nice chocolate hazelnut.

3. The cheese platter is my new pride and joy. Just don’t drop it on your big toe, unless you enjoy the purple yellow sweep of bruising.

4. The towels are Dancing Moose Slipper approved. The moose would have danced with the towels, but I couldn’t arrange the logistics without resorting to cursing and/or a hasty trip to the emergency room for my broken left femur.

5. Blue blankets are highly necessary when one is too cheap to turn on the heater and one may have been stupid enough to plant one’s bookshelf right over said heater.

6. Only tool used to put up my new blinds was duct tape. STEP DOWN, MARTHA.

(BlogHer and JCPenney are giving away 5 $100 gift cards each week here.)


4 Responses to “I Get Towels. You Get a Grainy Video.”

  1. Braja Says:


  2. Alyce Says:

    This was teh awesome. Or however you cool kids say it. I have been so (pleasantly) surprised by the items folks are buying at JCPenney. Who knew?!

    Also, I know you’re a klutz and everything, but did you buy your own fire extinguisher or did it come with the apartment?

  3. velocibadgergirl Says:

    Hee! I loved the video 😀

  4. The Over-Thinker Says:

    I WANT ALL OF THAT. NOW. Thank you.
    P.S. Please include some cheese.

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